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The Thought Leadership Edge

Are you doing everything you can to maximize sales with purpose-driven marketing?

“The Thought Leadership Edge” is a 12+ hour on-demand course designed to help you grow your business on LinkedIn. This self-paced program will train you in the tools you need to enhance your presence and establish credibility and influence for your personal and company brand.

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Upgrade your LinkedIn presence to align with your core purpose
  • Connect with your target audience – companies, job titles & individuals
  • Create a profile that sets you apart from the competition Increase your visibility, authority & influence with your ideal customer
  • Set clear goals and analyze the effectiveness of your efforts
  • Develop a content strategy with keywords and hashtags that matter
  • Expand the reach of your content & posts. Don't miss out! 

This course will help you understand your core purpose, identify your target, develop a keyword strategy, devlop content, run advertising and establish you as a true thought leader.

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    Course Content:

    The Thought Leadership Edge focuses on practical tactics that B2B companies — businesses that sell to other businesses — can use to immediately increase their visibility and thought leadership on LinkedIn and other platforms. The training will focus first on making sure people’s LinkedIn profiles are fully built out and optimized for the keywords their target audience will most likely use, and then on creating timely relevant content that will attract their ideal audience.

    • Becoming a Thought Leader
    • Channeling Spotlight: Thought Leadership on LinkedIn
    • Level 1: The Foundation
    • Level 2: Know your Target
    • Level 3: Get Discovered
    • LinkedIn Allstar Checklist 
    • Level 4: Enter the Fray
    • Level 5: Take a Stand
    • Level 6: Get Noisy
    • Monitoring Metrics that matter
    • Bonus: Influencers, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Premium

    What You Will Get

    • 12+ Hours of Lessons
    • Access to all course recordings and content for 1 year
    • Step-by-Step Workbooks
    • Curated Additional Resources, Handouts and Presentations
    • Self Evaluation Surveys to track your Learning Journey
    • Certificate of Completion 

    Course Creator and Lead Instructor

    About Sheryl Cattell

    Sheryl Cattell, an award-winning digital marketer, former VP/CMO of marketing, and educator, has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups, nonprofits, and small businesses, and she is excited to share her hard-won insights to help grow your business and accelerate your career using the LinkedIn platform. Sheryl Cattell and Bizhack Academy transform the lives of business owners
    through storytelling, strategy, and software.

    “I'm passionate about sharing information and strategies that help make my life better. I also believe that the meaning of life is giving and receiving love. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that creates a level playing field for the newly graduated or recently retired, to keep their connections and skills relevant and meaningful.”

    "If you have not experienced or worked with Bizhack...DO IT!! It's well worth the time investment. I'm especially eager to use the Pods to get my content to more people. 

    Micheal Dalvit
    Senior Account Development Manager at Windstream

    "Before Bizhack's LinkedIn coaching, my views on LinkedIn post were a 5 or a 6. After joining Bizhack Pod, my views are up to 300+ per post. That's an increase of 50x! It's incredible to be a part of the Bizhack Family." 

    Amy Williams 
    Owner of AB Unlimited Worldwide

    "Bizhack helped me so much with understanding how to digitally market my brand in a way that was aligned with my purpose. Sheryl was a mentor to me."

    Susan Howell
    Independant Business Owner

    Invest in Yourself and Your Business. Grow with Us!

    Frequently asked questions

    Who is "The Thought Leadership Edge for"?

    This is a high-paced, high impact course designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners and others who want to raise the thought leadership profile of themselves or their businesses to build credibility, trust and influence . Others who can benefit from the course growth stage startups, corporate marketers, and marketing agency staff.

    What is the "Thought Leadership Pyramid - TLP™"?

    The "Thought Leadership Pyramid -TLP™" is BizHack's proprietary system to enable you to become an influencer in your industry and guides you the sequential steps you need to take to improve your visibility, authority and influence.

    What social media platform does "The Thought Leadership Edge" use?

    LinkedIn is the platform used to establish your thought leadership during the course, however you can apply the concepts learned to any digital channel with slight tweaks.

    What will I be able to do after completing the "The Thought Leadership Edge"?

    After taking this course you will be able to: 
    • Upgrade your LinkedIn presence to align with your core purpose 
    • Connect with your target audience – companies, job titles & individuals
    • Create a profile that sets you apart from the competitionIncrease your visibility, authority & influence with your ideal customer 
    • Set clear goals and analyze the effectiveness of your efforts 
    • Develop a Thought Leadership Focus™
    • Identify the keywords and hashtags to attract your ideal customer
    • Expand the reach and impact of your content & posts
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