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How To Find Customers Online

At the end of this course you will:
  • Learn a systematic approach to marketing your business called the Lead Building System™ – no more “random acts of marketing!”
  • Develop the systems, habits and tools to grow your business using purpose-driven digital marketing – cultivate the BizHacker Mentality
  • Connect with other purpose-driven businesses to support your personal and business growth – join the Business Directory

AI for Marketing and Sales

At the end of this course you will:
  • Understand the AI tools, prompts and strategies you need to grow your business
  • Increase your confidence using key tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney, Copilot and AIPRM
  • Learn how to integrate AI tools into your workflows
  • Understand how to use AI to boost productivity and slash costs
  • Develop a grasp of the challenges facing AI such as "hallucination", privacy, security, bias, copyright and ethics

The Thought Leadership Edge

At the end of this course you will:
  • Identify and get noisy about your Thought Leadership Focus
  • How to connect and engage with your ideal customer using content and keywords
  • Use LinkedIn as a learning tool to apply the Thought Leadership Pyramid

What our learners say

“This is the most value-packed educational material I've experienced in half a decade.”
Marc Sandin - Brand Poets
(AI for Marketing and Sales)
“After joining Bizhack Pod, my views are up to 300+ per post. That's an increase of 50x! It's incredible to be a part of the Bizhack Family."
Amy Williams - AB Unlimited Worldwide
(The Thought Leadership Edge)

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More Time To Review Concepts

If you have ever watched a video on 0.5 speed or downloaded a slidedeck after an in-course webinar, you have experienced a core benefit of asynchronous online learning. Self-paced or asynchronous coursework allows learners time to pause and review virtual materials until they fully grasp key concepts.

Learn From Anyone, Anywhere

Before online learning, students were required to be in close physical proximity to the classroom to receive instruction. Now, you can log on from anywhere to learn from world-class faculty or industry experts. Likewise, the options for educators have broadened; instructors can offer on-demand virtual content from a wider array of experts, who may not be in the same time zone or region.

Content Is More Digestible

Asynchronous learning gives educators the ability to break core concepts into small, bite-sized modules. These digestible chunks of information make course content clearer and more memorable for online learners.

Save Money with Virtual Courses

Asynchronous learning can not only save you time but also money. Take for example the ability to save on basic travel expenses or school supplies because you are not required to travel. The same goes for teaching or learning supplies and even the physical teaching space. And institutional savings are often passed down to the digital learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are BizHack courses for?

These courses designed for businesses limited in time, money, and expertise who want to upgrade the quality and effectiveness of their marketing. They are a fit for early-career marketers and business owners looking for a simpler way to grow faster.
  • "How to Find Customers Online" is a course on how to generate profitable leads for your business
  • "AI for Marketing and Sales" is for companies that want to use AI tools to boost the productivity of their marketing and sales campaigns and reduce implementation costs
  • "The Thought Leadership Edge" is for business owners who want to establish themselves as influencers in their industry as a way to attract new customers
In every BizHack course, we make the concepts and technology accessible and easy to understand with demos, case studies, quizzes, resources, and homework assignments that build your confidence and help you to take immediate steps to implement digital marketing in your business.

Do I need prior digital marketing experience to BizHack courses?

No. These courses do not assume prior experience in digital marketing. They are designed for business owners who want to improve their marketing knowledge and skills in order to better manage their marketing teams and outside agencies. Marketers will also find these courses useful as they provide a structure and framework for creating effective marketing campaigns.

What will I learn in "How to Find Customers Online"?

After completing "How to Find Customers Online," you'll be able to:
  • Be able to target your customer more effectively
  • Define an authentic "origin story" for your business to attract leads
  • Understand how to make a thumb-stopping ad for social media 
  • Create an "irresistible offer" that will engage your customer
  • Know the success metrics to look for and where to find them to evaluate your campaign

What will I learn in "AI for Marketing and Sales"?

After completing "AI for Marketing and Sales," you'll be able to:
  • Use AI tools to develop content such as text, images, blogs and social media posts in a fraction of the time it takes you now
  • Discover ways to use AI to improve efficiency and reduce costs in your marketing workflows
  • Understand the pitfalls of using AI in terms of bias, privacy, ethics and hallucination
  • Develop more effective marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of your analysis of marketing data 
  • Increase your productivity and stay ahead of the competition

What will I learn in "The Thought Leadership Edge"?

After completing "The Thought Leadership Edge," you'll be able to: 
  • Upgrade your LinkedIn presence to align with your core purpose 
  • Connect with your target audience – companies, job titles & individuals
  • Create a profile that sets you apart from the competition
  • Increase your visibility, authority and influence with your ideal customer 
  • Set clear goals and analyze the effectiveness of your efforts 
  • Develop a Thought Leadership Focus Identify the keywords and hashtags to attract your ideal customer
  • Expand the reach and impact of your content & posts

What is the Lead Building System LBS™?

The Lead Building System LBS™ is BizHack's award-winning proprietary system used as the foundation for our "How to Find Customers Online" Course. It is made up of an easy to follow sequence of steps to create an optimal campaign on social media that will help you find and convert more customers for your business.

What is the Thought Leadership Pyramid TLP™ ?

The Thought Leadership Pyramid TLP™ is BizHack's proprietary system to enable you to become an influencer in your industry and shows you the sequential steps you need to take to improve your visibility, authority and influence.

What else does the BizHack experience offer?

You'll get access to a private network of more than 1,000 business owners and marketers, access to special events and live webinars with top marketers, and discounts on conferences and software.

Have more questions?

Contact a BizHack Learning Advisor at info@bizhack.com or call (786) 664-7324.
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